Freight Train Rabbit Killer

Southern Gothic Campout, Adams, TN Nov. 10-11

Posted by on Oct 24, 2017

A dark roots campout in Adams, Tennessee, home to the dark Southern folk tale of the Bell Witch. Two days of live bands and performance artists celebrating sinister tales in song and dance.

Performances by:
Those Poor Bastards
Viva Le Vox
Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Reverend Red
Sons of Perdition
Noah Tyson of Highlonesome
Brook Blanche
A Man Called Stu
Whiskey Dick
James Hunnicut

Camping is free at the Southern Gothic Campout. Bring those scary tales to tell in the dark.

Children are welcome to attend and four-legged ones (pups) are allowed.

Tintype photographer, Folk Goblin, will be there to capture your soul for all eternity.

Food Vendor: G’z Barbecue

Be forewarned, the safety of your soul is in peril if attending. The Bell Witch is known to dance around the fire in the sharp November air. Make peace with your Lord before arrival. Repent.

Tickets are non-refundable just as your sins on judgement day.

45 release

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